You never think you will have to adjust to things when you go home again. Yet, there are always different things, no where stays the same. That is what I have been doing the past few months. Re-adjusting to my home that I was away from for 8 months. When I got here, it just felt right. Hell, even before I got into Windsor, just being in Canada felt right. Then I get here and start to explore, finding that many things have changed. Some of my favourite restaurants no longer exist, or the convenience of their location is no longer convenient.

Then there is figuring out the job situation. It is not quite as dire here as it was in New Zealand, but it’s been so long that I’ve applied to jobs that some of the processes have changed. For example, one company chooses to do video interviews instead of phone screenings. This means that you read a question which they give you 30 seconds for and then they give you a minute and a half to answer while they record you. STRESSFUL!

Then you finally start getting interviews so you start to see a light at the end of the tunnel for not having to live with your parents anymore. You start to look into apartments and rent prices slowly realizing that you can pay half your income to rent a month and take twice as long to get out of debt or you can stay with your parents, get out of debt in a year, and then get a mortgage and basically be paying the same you would for rent but now you actually have equity. Struggles of being an adult.

Now the stress of these decisions has you staying up until 4 am researching all the costs that goes into each option. Do you pay 1000 dollars a month mortgage plus utilities to own a 2 bedroom home or duplex that you can rent half or 770 a month all inclusive for a SINGLE bedroom and in the end you own absolutely nothing? Do you stay home and take a year to get out of debt or move out and take 2-3 years to get out of debt? Then, do you rent to strangers so you can charge more or your parents so they can pay less to save more for when they retire in 4 years? I’m telling you, LIFE IS HELL!

This is one of those moments in my life when I start to believe in Buffy the vampire slayer where her reward is death. Life is hell for a slayer and when she dies she is rewarded with heaven and absolute bliss. When life is this much of a struggle, I hope that is the reward for every decent person in world even though I don’t believe in religion.

Sorry for the vent everybody. Maybe the next blog will be a little more up beat. I WILL TRY FOR YOU!


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