*Monologue that I wrote for a challenge on hit record to write something for a teenage that is not about depression or death*

” I don’t think you should say things like that; you are so young and men don’t like that.  It sounds selfish.”

“What do you mean I shouldn’t say things like that? What does my age have to do with it? Why do I care if men don’t like that? Any man right for me would not have a problem with it. I am a grown woman, I may be 19 and barely legal, but I know what I want from life.

Why does everyone think I they have a right to judge a woman when they don’t want to get married or have kids? The world is over populated and we have a society now where women don’t have to get married or have babies to fulfill their life. I should have the right have my own goals. I love to travel and feel free to just pick up and leave without having to worry about someone else.

Why is it selfish to not have children? What about the people who want kids so bad that they waste hundreds of thousands of dollars on trying to get pregnant instead of just adopting one of the millions of kids without a family? Or the people who literally just have kids for a pay cheque. At least I know what I want and who I am and know better than to bring a child into it.

I’m just tired, sooo tired of listening to strangers tell me oh you will change your mind. How dare you tell me like you know me better than I know myself. However, I never thought I would hear these words from you.”

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