Eminem VS. Trump & The World


Eminem just tore Trump a new one with his BET Awards Rap. He did what most celebrities no matter how much they speak against Trump do not have the balls to do. He told his fans to fuck themselves if they support Trump. He does not need your money.

Trump supporters whether they were a fan or not are losing their shit. All over the comments on any site that has shared the video they are calling Eminem all these false things. They had called him a murderer and woman beater and any name you can think to call him based on his music.

People are justifying themselves by saying “we just have different political beliefs”. What they don’t understand is that Eminem is not drawing this line in the sand for republicans. He is not saying that if you are a republican instead of a democrat than fuck you. NO! He is saying, if you support a man who is racist, homophobic, and classist than fuck you because you support everything that attacks people like me and the people that I am closest to in life.

Eminem comes from the bottom of Detroit, he was one of the kids that Trump is harming by taking funding from education. He has spent his entire life around the black community, growing up in predominantly black neighbourhoods. The man who changed his life is black, along with most of his closest friends. Him and Elton John are friends and Eminem has stated on multiple occasions that his wording in his rap is just based on the culture he grew up around but that he does not care about anyone’s sexual orientation.

How you could be a fan of Eminem’s and support Trump? If you know anything about Eminem’s personal life other than his lyrics than you could not support this president. A fan is short for fanatic. Webster dictionary defines it “marked by excessive enthusiasm and often intense uncritical devotion”. Most people when they say they are a fan of someone tend to not only follow their art or sport, but also just them as a person. Therefore, to be his fan you should know who he is outside of his persona.

Unfortunately, those of you who are upset about his rap are not the only ones who attack Eminem’s character though. I have been given crap by many people who have issues with his lyrics. Below I have written about Eminem vs. Marshal mostly in terms of the misogynistic identity of his art.

Disclaimer: I do not condone violence of any kind and none of what is in this article is to say that Eminem should sing the songs he does or that he should treat women the way it has been claimed he does.

Is it better to be a hypocrite by rapping about things that you do not actually agree with in day to day life? Or to sing sweet nothings, when all you do is make women fear you? Is it worse to be a hypocrite and sing about violence or to be hypocrite who praises sweet love and then hits women behind closed doors? Why would he support a racist president when he comes from a black neighbourhood?

I’m not usually the type to stick up for celebrities, I don’t know them and I don’t know the people who spread things about them. However, my upset about all the Trump supporters trashing him brought back memories of how many times I’ve had people say crap to me about him being violent towards women. I get that, you don’t want to support rap who talks about hurting women that’s fine. I do not have problem with.

However, I do have a problem with the few of you who will give me crap about Eminem and then still listen to Chris Brown music or watch Charlie Sheen movies. Eminem may since about violence towards women, but he has never been charged with violence against women. Based on the research I have done. I googled “Eminem Domestic Violence” and “has Eminem been charged with domestic violence” and “has Eminem hit Kim”. I have attached all the links I opened. They are what appeared on the first google page when I searched.

Kim has never accused Eminem of any type of violence towards her. Does that mean their relationship was not an abusive one? Of course it doesn’t. They both have come forward and stated their relationship was abusive and unhealthy, but they both take the blame. They met when they were 13 and neither of them grew up in the best situation.

Multiple women in Chris Brown’s life have accused him of violence and there is proof of his verbal abuse. Not to mention when he threw a rock through his mother’s car window. Charlie Sheen has been charged multiple times for violence and had restraining orders filed against him. These men are the actual threat to women.

Eminem’s music is his way of expressing his anger and releasing his violent thoughts without actually acting on them. Of course his songs about kill Kim and attack his mother are horrible and abusive and completely taking his art and persona too far. He is also a drug addict and anyone who knows, no matter how functioning an addict is, that does not mean that their decision making is logical. I understand where Eminem was coming from when he wrote those songs. I have thought many of the things he writes about, killing someone, punching someone, kidnapping them, etc when I am angry. I feel like it is a thought that even if you are most stable person can have slip into their mind at least once. The decision to actually release those songs to the public is what I am against.

However, as an artist his music is like his diary. Unlike the rest of us who keep our diary and inappropriate thoughts to ourselves, that is what his business is. Selling his diary to people who see it for the art is and it is comparable to watching Dexter, or to the people who have these thoughts and feel alone and can relate to a man who raps about it instead of acting on it.

You cannot blame an artist for the issues in the world. It’s like people blaming a serial killer on Dexter, or suicides on 13 reasons why or incest on Game of Thrones or rape on law and order special victims unit. You do not attack authors or directors for depicting these things in their works, you should not blame a rapper or musician for doing the same in their music.


References: (I do not quote any of these articles but they did confirm a lot of what I already knew while also shedding light on things I did not know.)














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