Favourite Health Recipes & Site

So, I’m going to try getting back into my healthy eating now that I am all settled in Tauranga, New Zealand and am getting steady work. Since this is the plan, I’ve been looking up some recipes that I haven’t tried yet that are low carb and low cal. I thought I’d share some of that with you.

First of all, my absolutely favourite site to get these recipes is Slender Kitchen The variety of recipes this woman posts is amazing and she also offers meal plan assistance which I am planning to try when I get back to Canada. I am extremely excited to try one of the recipes I recently found on her site. Kofta Ground Beef Bowl with Garlic Tzatziki and Israeli Salad. I am so excited to try this recipe because one of my favourite take out dishes back home is Chicken Fattoush Salad. I have not been able to find this anywhere near where I am living and the one restaurant in the big city 2 hours away that I found, makes it with a pomegranate dressing. So, her recipe seems like it will satisfy that craving.

My favourite low cal recipe is my own turkey taco salad. This is just lean ground turkey, cooked the way you cook beef for the old el paso seasoning (I add chopped onion, green & red pepper and sometimes mushrooms). Than shred as much lettuce as you want and tomatoes. I than put a single serving of cheese and a single serving of turkey on top. Than salsa, low fat sour cream and topped with fresh green onions.
If you aren’t a big fan of salads you can also do turkey taco stuff green peppers, but personally I find I taste the pepper more than the taco.

My favourite from Slender Kitchen is actually Low Carb Creamy Cajun Chicken Pasta. I originally tried this recipe as the original she posted with actual pasta, but the spaghetti squash is still amazing. Now I make my own cajun seasoning mix from a recipe on all recipes, not store bought. If you choose to this and are not able to handle extreme spice than I recommend cutting her measure into a third. My one friend who can handle an average amount of spice ended up drinking 3 cups of milk with her one serving when I used the full measurement.

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