Growing up with Disney

It’s become common practice in recent years for people (women mostly) to blame Disney’s unrealistic idea’s of what their prince will be. I don’t know if I have a distorted perception, but that is not how I saw disney at all.

When I watched it, I saw a wide range of women types in the movies. I saw Mulan who became one of the best warriors in an army where she wasn’t even allowed to be part of during that time. I saw Meg, who hated that she needed a man to save her and still tried to fight back. Than my favourite prince and princess duo, Aladdin and Jasmine. She was from privilege falls for a peasant and who doesn’t treat people like they are less than her. She only gets mad at Aladdin because he lied to her.

I know that others say that Mulan was discriminated against for her gender, Meg was a damsel in distress, and Jasmine was a princess in her castle. However, all of the movies are from a time when none of them were suppose to have any power. They were suppose to marry men who they take care of. They defied their conventions.

Yes, there are other princess’ who were weak and had to be saved by men. It shows all the different ways each woman and man, everyone is different. We are in 2017 and there are still women who would be happy to be housewives. There is nothing wrong, if that is what you want. Disney gave us the light-hearted truth for women in the time period that the stories take place.

I could say Disney is the reason I chose to travel, that I want to see the world because Aladdin promised to show Jasmine the world. That meeting the actor playing him at disney world when I was four years old just broke any other notion for how my life should be. However, I didn’t wait around for a man to offer to show me the world like Jasmine. I understand that I need to do it for myself.

People who chose to blame a company producing movies for their miss perceptions for how the world should be, don’t have a brain of their own.

P.S. If someone did offer to show me the world, I wouldn’t say no. 🙂

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